Thursday, November 20, 2008

Renewable Energy Sector

I was surprised to notice that many of the MBA students here are looking forward to the career in Renewable energy sector. It is indeed a very welcome development. But why, has renewable energy sector caught their attention. Well, everyone here, after MBA wants to do something meaningful in his/her life. In today's world when everyone talks about global warming & oil crisis, its obvious to see the energy sector in a larger context as means to contribute to society & environment.

Also renewable energy sector is the one, which is growing in spite of energy crisis. This sector is still attracting the investment, making it a viable career path, in recent times of layoff. In the social responsibility forum, the companies representatives did tell that they are staffed with all young generation, and not much of the people are willing to join oil companies.

The present MBA batch mirrors the same sentiment. For many students here, going into energy sector is a career change. I hope that recruiters will not harp much on the relevant previous experience and give the chance to these motivated individuals.

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