Monday, January 5, 2009

Spirituality in Management

During the advanced course of Art of Living at Bangalore Ashram, I met a person who had founded a small service company in Chennai. He had made everyone in his staff, do the Art of Living basic course and noticed a marked improvement in productivity and sales. I was surprised after hearing that.

In MBA at IE, as we discussed the challenges of implementing multi-teams and shared-leadership in an organisation, I was reminded of the words of that person. Many big companies in India, are motivating people to join spiritual courses and yoga. Spirituality should not be confused with religion. MIT Sloan research mentions benefits of a spiritual workforce. A spiritual workforce does not resist changes, is cooperative, happy and performs well in turbulent times. American companies are showing increasing interest in integrating spirituality into management. But is spirituality just another fad or has deeper roots, is left to be seen.

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