Saturday, April 4, 2009

E-Waste Recycling: A Cash Machine....

As part of our MBA, a team of me and my friends prepared a Business Plan for E-waste Recycling in Madrid. The opportunity is huge in Spain, in fact it is a big market all over the world.
E-waste (computers, laptops, mobiles, printers etc..), constitutes of plastics and many rare earth metals which pollute environment. And surprisingly, 95% of an E-waste can be recycled. A kilo of E-waste has more concentration of gold than what one gets from gold mines.

A large portion of E-waste generated in the world lands up in China and India, where it is processed by unorganised and informal players. According to a survey by IRG systems South Asia, a subsidiary of the IRG, Washington DC, USA, the total waste from electronic and electrical equipment in India has been estimated to be 1,46,180 tonnes per year. Add to this the E-waste shipped from developed nations and the opportunity becomes huge.

While collecting data and crunching numbers, the profitablility became glaring. Its the adoption of the idea that has been slow and many investors are not aware of this emerging sector.


  1. Ashutosh

    Did you do a study on the economics of e-waste recycling? Do you have a write up that you can share.

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