Saturday, July 23, 2011

Proactive Enterprise & Brand Image Risk Management

"How an Organization can Manage the Risks posed by Viral Media to its Image and Brand "

This was the subject of my paper which I had the opportunity to present at CIBMP Conference on Innovations in Management at London.

Below is the abstract of the paper. 

In today’s connected world, bad news travel fast and enterprises are frequently caught at the receiving end immaterial of whether there is any truth in bad news or not. By the time an enterprise gains back its senses, comes out of denial and responds; irreversible damage is already done to the public perception of its product, brand and company. Also there is detrimental effect on morale of employees of the company.

At the same time, the viral nature of today’s online world also provides companies the opportunity to proactively trace negative vibes and mitigate them. Also it allows companies to proactively spread good truths in public sphere to keep negative opinions at bay.

A proactive approach enabled with leading information technologies helps enterprises to leverage viral media to protect and enhance its image in public domain. The key aspects of such an approach is the extraction of information from various media sources including social media, analysis of information and devising action plan with both soft and hard action points.

A presentation on the paper can be downloaded from 
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