Friday, February 13, 2009

How practical is Closed Loop Manufacturing?

I was impressed by the concept of closed loop manufacturing, to model manufacturing units like biological units which use each other's output and there is no release of waste in environment. One can read more about it in the article .

First I thought it was impractical because one will need to use suitable machinery, locate the industries near to each other and connect them. And how financially feasible it will be? But then I came across E-waste recycling and felt that it might not be that difficult. One can recycle 95% of any electronic waste which can go back into electronics and other products. The rest 5% waste, as the article (indicated above) suggests, the mother nature has the capability to absorb and recycle.

I hope closed loop manufacturing becomes a reality or else...... I am reminded of the opening scene of Hollywood movie 'Wall-E', with piles of waste everywhere and humans in space.

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