Sunday, February 22, 2009

How Work Place Ethos Subdue Moral Judgements

Citibank orders a jet. Merrill Lynch CEO demands for a bonus and renovates the office. All of these at times of crisis (which was their own doing) and after receiving the public money for bailout. It makes me wonder how these powerful individuals are insensitive to what is happening outside. How toxic is the culture in these power corridors that one is unable to discern right from wrong? Or is the path to such positions filled with experiences that change a person and his value system.

Media has been harsh on such news, which is rightly justified. But also we need to look into what shapes a toxic corporate culture and how it can be avoided. Maybe Organisational Behaviour specialists can provide some answers.

But I have another serious concern. How does one protect himself from influences of a toxic culture when he walks in corporate corridors?

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